You can make a difference: A fund drive for destitute girls in Vaidehi Ashram, India

My little sister and I received everything from my family. My parents not only nurtured us well but met all our demands. We were showered with expensive clothes, scrumptious food and what not. Even then many times we cried and demanded worldly things. But when I grew up and saw the world around me I couldn’t feel more fortunate to have born to my parents who loved us to core and sacrificed everything for us.  I realized that there are thousands of children,  women and men who struggle to get their basic needs clothes, shelter and food I couldn’t be more ashamed and sad. On one side we spend lavishly on clothes and beauty accessories and on the other side they struggle hard to buy even 1 set of dress a year. Here we waste tons of food everyday and they starve for days together. Yes, we all exist in the same planet and that is the bitter truth.

When I saw the pictures from Vaidehi Ashram (taken by Siri) my eyes were instantly flooded. My heart felt heavy and I felt so helpless. Look at the pure innocent smiles, they are totally unaware of what parental love is. When my 4 month old daughter cries I immediately lift and comfort her. When she is in pain I take every effort to soothe her. But these little girls do not enjoy this privilege. In their eyes I can see the longing for Mother’s love. They don’t know what it feels to be hugged by a mother nor they know how it feels to eat food fed by a Mother.

So can we change their fate by lamenting? They need our love and support. It would be rather impossible for us to meet them individually to show our love and compassion. But we can always help organization who provide support and care for them. One such organization is Vaidehi Ashram in India. It is a home for destitute girls who have no parents or were left by their parents as they couldn’t support them anymore. Recently Siri of Cooking with Siri visited this Ashram and she couldn’t stop herself from organizing this fund drive. I sincerely thank Siri for taking this effort and having me sponsor a raffle prize ($50 Amazon card) to raise money for these beautiful kids.

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It is true that drops of water make a ocean, so do spread this message by sharing this post with your friends and family. Your little contribution can make difference in their lives.

How can you contribute?

Each raffle ticket costs $10. If you want to bid for the $50 Amazon gift card (Shipped Worldwide) you can buy one or more raffle ticket. Say for e.g if you buy 2 raffle tickets for $20 you can either bid both the tickets on this gift card or you can bid one ticket on the gift card and the other ticket on some other raffle prize listed in Siri’s website.

You can contribute by simply clicking on chipin button below. You can make the payment using paypal or credit card. Once you make the payment please send an email to info(dot)siri(at) clearly specifying the raffle prize you are interested in. If you want to bid for the $50 Amazon card mention (RW4- $50 Amazon card) in the email.

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