Weekly Meal Plan – Making everyday cooking easy #2

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  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Salad / Dessert
Monday  Tofu Onion Omelette + Fresh Fruit Juice Pesto Sandwich + 1 Fruit Dosa +Urad dal Chutney Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad
Tuesday  Banana Cocoa Smoothie + 2 Slices of bread Phulka/Rice + Gutti Vankaya Kura + 1 cup yogurt Creamy Zucchini Soup + Your choice of bread Wheat and Green Apple salad
Wednesday Cereal + Beets and Ginger juice Linguine with Mascarpone Cheese Layered Sesame Paratha + Green peas masala Fruit Bowl
Thursday Muffin + Sugar free Dates and Nuts Smoothie  Pineapple Rice Butternut squash and Quinoa Paratha + Yogurt + Pickle Lentil Salad with Cranberries and Walnut
Friday Oatmeal Porridge + Orange Juice Eggplant Basil Pesto Pasta Chaat Night: Papri Chaat Beets Salad
Saturday Eggless Pancakes 
Rice + Kara Kuzhambu + Asparagus Usili + 1 cup Yogurt Phulka +Chole Madra Fresh Garden Salad
Sunday  Moongdal Idli + Red Bellpepper peanut Chutney 
Egg Biriyani + Mutton Pepper Roast Dosa + Carrot and Shallot Chutney Sesame and Flax seeds Brittle


  Pear Walnut Muffin

  Sesame and Flax seeds Brittle

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Happy Cooking and Have a great week ahead!!

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You are awesome!!! Thanks a bunch for leaving your valuable comment. It certainly makes me happy and helps me to learn and improve.


    • RV says:

      It my pleasure Priya. You have a monstrous collection, I know where I have to be when I run out of ideas. Thank you so much for sharing thousands of foolproof recipes.

    • RV says:

      Thanks Kankana. It is really tough for me to follow a plan. But I am slowly getting better at it because I don’t have any choice now 🙁

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