South Indian Chicken Soup

CL is one of the few people I first got acquainted in blogosphere and took our relationship beyond commenting in each others blog and saying a Hi. When I was too shy in making friends, she came forward and spoke to me. Since then we have spoken hours over phone. Two weeks ago I received a call from her asking me to do a guest post in her blog. I agreed to it without a second thought. It is a pleasure and privilege to write a guest post for such a wonderful friend.

And how can I forget to mention about the food event started by Anamika of Taste Junction. This guest post is triggered by her brainchild event called ‘Friendship Chain – Spread the speciality‘. Every fortnight a blogger(host) asks another blogger friend to do a guest post in her/his blog. Then the blogger who did the guest post reaches out to another friend of him/her to do the same. And this continues. Thanks Anamika for hosting this wonderful and infectious event. I enjoyed every bit of doing my first guest post.

CL wanted me to share a Sourashtrian recipe through this guest post. Immediately I remembered my Ajji’s (Grandmother’s) chicken soup , a post that has been pending ever since I started this blog. Though it sounds simple, this particular soup has been dear to me. I always make it on special occasions or whenever I miss my Mom/Grandma terribly. This soup requires minimal ingredients and it is less spicy. Hence it is a tradition in our family to feed it to the infants/toddlers. My grandmother makes this soup, mixes it with a bowl of rice, adds lots of love and feeds us. She fed this to her 5 children and then to an army of her grand children. My Mom followed her footsteps and I will do the same. I wonder how a simple food like this can have innumerous memories in each one of us.

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