South Beach Diet – Phase 1 Menu plan

Sigh, didn’t know how last 2 weeks passed. I have successfully completed the Phase 1 on South Beach Diet  without any deviations. Yay! I am able to curb my cravings and eat healthy now. But then the first three days were really exhausting. I was feeling really weak, so I was losing my temper often. Initially I thought I will eat whatever was mentioned in the meal plan on the SBD website with little variations. But it was not possible for me to do that. I started craving for Indian food, so I decided to look into the Indian dishes that I can eat. I got some ideas from Sig’s blog and started exploring our cuisine. I tried to fit in the dishes into SBD. Viola! I found that there were umpteen choices that could easily meet SBD diet norms. As per the SBD booklet it says Indian Diet has terrific options for South Beach Dieters. Cool isn’t it.
I have decided to copy Sig and share my menu plan and weight loss chart with you guys. Sorry for being a copy-cat Sig. As you said, letting others know will keep us motivated.
Friends, your comments on Baked Chicken has already motivated me, I hope you will keep cheering me up to attain my goal weight.
Without any further yapping, here is my Phase 1 Menu Plan
* Please CLICK on the below picture for a better view
* Indian Butter Milk with little salt and lots of hing (to neutralize the after effect of legumes, I mean the gastric issue)
* Vanilla Yogurt – Yogurt + Few drops of Vanilla Essence + 1 tsp of Agave Syrup
* Apart from this I had 1 cup of Tea in the evening with the regular Sugar ( I don’t like the flavor of Artificial sweetener in Tea/Coffee)
* I did workout 4 days 🙂

Weight Watch
Starting Weight – 165 lb
Weight at the End of Phase 1 – 154.8 lb
Total Weight Lost – 10.2 lb :)) (A big smile)
Target Weight – 130 lb
P.S: Let me know if you have any queries on the Menu Plan.

You are awesome!!! Thanks a bunch for leaving your valuable comment. It certainly makes me happy and helps me to learn and improve.


    • RV says:

      Initially “whenever” I visited gym I used run on treadmill and then do some elipticals for 30 minutes and then do core/abs for 15-20 minutes. These days I am trying to learn swimming and play badminton.

  1. Deepu says:

    Hi, just saw your menu plan, looks graet. I wanted to know about portion size for lunch and the total calories you consumed in a day.

    • Radhika Vasanth says:

      Thanks. I did not focus on the calorie count and portion size. I usually ate until i didn’t feel hungry anymore. Since we were cutting down on carbs and sugar it is important not to feel starved.

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