Mexican Cucumber Cherry Salsa Recipe

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 40 Mins

Growing up in a multicultural suburban town, I was introduced to people from various parts of India and their food. However I hardly ate anything that was cooked outside my Mom’s kitchen. But occasionally we did get to taste food that were made by our neighbors and friends. Like the Rasagullas from Kolkata, Egg curry made by my friend’s mom, lip-smacking Kerala fish curry, Puran poli (Sweet flatbread stuffed with lentil) made by my Mom’s Gujarati friend et all. And those days eating out in a restaurant was luxury. So we hardly visited any restaurants. Even if we did, my parents took us to the most famous South Indian restaurants. You won’t believe I didn’t even have a know-how about pizza and burgers until I started going to college. Yes my culinary knowledge on the world cuisine was below average. But that didn’t last for ever. One of my good friend from college is a total foodie. She took me to different restaurants around the city. We used to bunk classes just to eat out in a restaurant. LOL. That is how it all began and there was no looking back. Work and marriage brought me to “The New York city” where I got an opportunity to taste food from all over the world. This is how I got enlightened about various food cultures 😀 . It is so fascinating to see how the food religion has evolved around the world.

You might wonder why I have come up with another post with cucumber in just a matter of two weeks. It was definitely not intentional. This post is written specifically for the Summer fest event happening in the food blog world. It was initially started by the most talented people I know Steamy Kitchen, A Way to Garden, White on Rice Couple, What’s Gaby Cooking and Pinch My Salt and now Food Network has decided to bring it back. Every fortnight, a Summer fruit or vegetable is chosen and we all cook something delectable. This week pick is Cucumbers. I don’t use cucumber beyond Cucumber Raita and salads. So I wanted to make something different from what I am used to. Like a flash flood hundreds of idea came in to my mind. Now I had to decide between sweet and savory. And undoubtedly my choice was the later. So I decided to whip up this Mexican Cucucmber Cherry Salsa for y’all.

Update: This hot and ravishing Salsa goes to the Monthly Mingle – Stone fruits event hosted by Sukaina of Sips and Spoonfuls. This is a brainchild event of Meeta of What’s for lunch honey?.

Sukaina is a very talented person which reflects in her photographs, recipes and the stories interwoven to it. I can never stop drooling at her pictures. Hop on to this most beautiful blog to see what I mean.

How it tasted?

I am not so fond of tortilla chips. This is the first time I have finished half a bag of tortilla chips, just in one sitting. Thanks to this most refreshing and cooling Salsa. Humble cucumber marries well with this bold and beautiful cherries. The heat from Jalapeno, the aroma of cilantro and the hint of lemon act as a catalyst for this successful marriage. The Jalapenos and cilantro stem paste does add a zing to it. If you are planning to offer tortilla chips when I visit you, do not forget to make this salsa. You can also stuff this salsa in Quesadilla or tortilla wrap or better serve it as a side with your favorite meat or fish.

And yes the other half a bag of tortilla chips is just lying around in my pantry. Now I have to make another bowl of this scrumptious salsa 😀


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  • Wash all your veggies and fruits in running water.
  • Remove the Cherry stem.Using a pairing knife make a cut in the center around the seed. Gently twist the cherries by holding it in two hands to separate the two halves. Now you will have the seed sticking to one half.
  • Remove it gently using a knife or your hand. You can avoid all these hassle if you own a cherry pitter.
  • Slice them into 4 cubes.Peel the cucumber skin, add cut them into cubes.Chop the onions.Cut the tomato in to half, remove seeds and the inner flesh.
  • Cut them into cubes.Chop spring onions.Chop 2 Jalapenos into tiny cubes.In a pestle and mortar or your blender add 1 Jalapeno, cilantro stems and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Grind them coarsely.
  • Now in a big bowl add all the chopped ingredients except tomato.Add salt, the jalapeno, cilantro paste and toss.
  • Add tomatoes, handful of chopped cilantro and cover it with a cling wrap or a towel and let the flavors mingle with each other.
  • If you are impatient like me then pick up a tortilla chip, dip into the salsa and enjoy the summer evening with your loved ones.

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