Mango Lassi Recipe

Yields: 2 Servings

Most of us have a jam-packed freezer but mine is always less than half full. Though I am an impulsive buyer still I don’t prefer to stock food for longer time. My freezer is usually loaded with a pint of ice-cream, puff pastry sheets, naan, green peas, galangal, lemon grass, thai chili and a packet of my favorite Indian mangoes.

By the way how does your freezer look? Jam packed or empty. And what is your favorite ingredient that you would like to stock in the freezer? I would love to have a packet of mangoes in my freezer. Though we get fresh ones in this country, they can never match to the taste of Indian mangoes. Agree? I you had read my Carrot Mango Pecan bread post, you will know how much I love mangoes and my memories associated with them. I couldn’t visit India for the last four summer and hence missed the opportunity to savor fresh Indian mangoes. But this time I found a online based company which ships fresh Banganapalli mangoes from India. So I ordered a small box from them. I should be getting in a week or so. Will definitely let you guys know how it tasted.

Whenever mango craving strikes I pull out these frozen mangoes, throw them in a blender along with yogurt and make a glass of most refreshing and soothing drink called Mango Lassi.

How it tasted?

You can’t really go wrong with Mango Lassi unless the fruit that you use is really awful. It is such a refreshing drink to have on a hot summer afternoon. The aroma of mangoes along with rose water takes you to another world.  And it definitely pays to use Alphonso mangoes.


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  • Allow the frozen mango to thaw around 30 minutes. Throw them in a blender and puree. If using fresh mangoes, peel of the skin, remove the seed and cut them into small pieces before throwing them into blender.
  • Add yogurt, icecubes, sugar, rosewater and run it in the blender little less than a minute.
  • Serve it cold.
  • Notes
  • I bought frozen alphonso mangoes from the Indian grocery store. You can use good quality fresh mangoes if available.
  • Whole milk yogurt is absolutely fine if you are not worried about the calories.
  • Reserve some puree, you can add it in the glass while serving. It makes the lassi look very pretty.
  • Avoid using sour curd.

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