Madras Shrimp Masala

Yields: 1 Serving

“Friends are born, not made”. Blogging has helped me to meet some nicest people from different cultures across the globe. One such friend is Kankana of Sunshine & Smile. Today I take pleasure in writing this guest post for her while she is enjoying her vacation in India with her family and friends.

We both have one thing in common. We grew up in India, got married and immediately boarded the plane to United states of America to live our dreams with the man we love. Expats like Kankana and me live miles away from our parents and friends. We cherish the moments spent with them and eagerly wait for the occasion to meet them. When I first traveled to India after being away from my parents for 2 1/2 years my happiness knew no bounds. I was tired of my cooking by then and was terribly missing my Mom’s food. So I made a list of food that I wanted her to make for me and one such dish was this Madras Shrimp Masala. Shrimp aka prawns is my favorite seafood. Still I don’t get to eat them often. Before marriage it was because of my sister and then my husband. Both of them dislike shrimp hence it is hardly cooked in our home. But still whenever it is made I get to eat all of them like a greedy glut

Initially I was reluctant to buy shrimp because of all the cleaning required. It is mandatory to clean them well before cooking otherwise it could cause illness or allergies. When my mother-in-law came here she taught me how to clean and devein them. And my Mom gave me tips like using turmeric powder and salt to remove germs and to soak it in lemon juice to remove odor.

Though the name of the dish sounds fancy this curry is made with simple and easily available ingredients. You will not need “Madras curry powder” or any namesakes to make this fiery and lip-smacking curry. Simple spices like garlic, ginger, coriander and black pepper add zing to this dish. Take it from me and make this dish and enjoy every bite of it with oohs….. and aahhhs…….

Recipe in Kankana’s Sunshine & Smile Blog

South Beach Diet Adaptable

Serve this curry with 1/2 cup of Basmati rice / Brown rice or Whole wheat rotis. You can also serve them with Whole wheat/whole grain breads

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