Carrot Halwa without Milk

Yields: 1 Serving

Bill Gates is a genius. He is the one who gave us the System Restore Button in Windows. It forgives all our blunders and takes us back to the point before the catastrophe happened. So when he could do this why couldn’t we find a System Restore button for our life? At times we desire certain things never happened and seriously wish to go back in time. Does it sound familiar?

Two weeks ago I received a call in the middle of the night and my heart almost stopped beating when I heard the news. I wish that was a dream. It made me feel how uncertain life is and how an act could affect the people around. Now I believe the theory of butterfly effect. But then life is full of peaks and valleys, I mean ups and down. If such disasters doesn’t happen then there wouldn’t be any purpose in our life. Because when we overcome these downfalls we emerge stronger. With these positive thoughts I have rose again. Of course the pain is still lingering in my heart. Sigh!!

Life has to move on. So I had to get back to my routine and start doing the regular chores. It was around this time we had invited two of our family friends for lunch. MIL and I were discussing the menu and we decided to make Mutton Biriyani, Chicken curry, Khuska, Paneer Butter Masala, Rice, Rasam, Tandoori Chicken, Mint Chutney and when it came to dessert this was our conversation:

MIL: Why don’t we make Carrot Halwa for dessert?

Me: hmm.. that might not work out as R is lactose intolerant and carrot halwa is traditionally made with milk.

MIL: But I don’t use milk while making Halwa

Me: What? *?^*** (confused)

MIL: Yes, I don’t use milk while making halwa, this is how my parents taught me.

Me: That sounds like an idea. Let us give it a shot.

I had to learn this recipe from my MIL so that I can share it with you all. So I made this again within a week’s time. This had to be published before Diwali, but I am happy that I am able to post it alteast before Thiru Karthigai.

How it tasted?

You are reading this recipe because it tasted exceptionally good. This was rather ‘The dish of the day’. Our friends even took the leftovers as they were totally in love with it. Since this cooks in sugar and later in ghee we didn’t miss out anything that a traditional carrot halwa could have.

You might be thinking that Ghee is also a product of milk and how come a lactose intolerant person can consume this. I have read here and couple other sites that Ghee doesn’t have any or has very little milk solids after the butter is clarified. And it is safe for lactose intolerant people to consume ghee in little amount. Of course this could differ from person to person. Our friend R does consume ghee  in little quantities. So here is the Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor nor I can prove that ghee doesn’t harm lactose intolerant. Hence before using ghee you might want to check with your physician.


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  • Wash the carrots in running water. Using a pairing knife gently scrape the outer skin. This is just to remove any dirt sticking to the carrot.
  • Use a shredder/grater attachment that will yield fine grated carrot. Ok, from now on you have to use your muscle power. Whenever your hand hurts try to grate it with other hand. But make sure that you wash both your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you start  
  • In a large kadai/wok, add carrot, a pinch of salt and saute until the water in carrot evaporates and the raw smell disappears. Vegetables naturally have some water content and we will make use of it in this recipe without adding water.
  • It will easily take 25 minutes on a medium flame. Towards the end of 25 minutes reduce the flame as the carrot might start sticking to kadai.
  • Reduce the flame to low (2 or 3 on gas stove). Add sugar and keep stirring. Never give up, otherwise your halwa might stick to the pan  Add a pinch of kesari powder.
  • Let it cook for 10 minutes, then add ghee and keep stirring. I know your arms would be aching ridiculously. But the results are totally worth for this arm exercise.
  • After 15 minutes remove it from flame.Crush the cardamon in pestle n mortar or using your chappati rolling pin. If you find it hard to crush add a pinch of sugar while crushing.
  • Meanwhile fry raisins and cashews in 1 tsp of ghee until the raisins puff up.Add cardamon powder, raisins, cashews and stir it well to mix.
  • Serve it warm. You can even add a scoop of ice-cream while serving.
  • The initial frying time of carrot depends up on the carrot we buy. Here in U.S it usually takes longer for the raw smell to disappear.

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