Cabbage Poriyal

Yields: 1 Serving

Poor cabbage came to my sight when I opened the vegetable box in my refrigerator. I had picked it up from the farm that I visited during the Labor Day weekend. Though it was small in size, the whole cabbage was too much for both of us. I still have half cabbage left even after preparing two dishes out of this farm picked fresh leafy vegetable. Cabbage is a very popular vegetable across the world for its nutrition contents and medicinal properties. If you are dieting, then this vegetable must be included in your menu planning (You would gain only 25 calories if you eat 100 gm of cabbage). It has loads of Vitamin ‘C’ and it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Also a good source of fiber and folate. Cabbage juice is also used to treat peptic ulcers. When you are still thinking about buying cabbage let us look into a simple and quick recipe that could be served with rice or rotis.


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