Black Sesame and Nuts Laddoo | Til Ke Laddoo | Sesame Laddoo

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 15 Mins Cook Time: 15 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins

I looked outside the window. Tiny droplets dripping from the dense grey sky was bringing the earth back to life. Grass and the trees were dressed up in vivid green and were proudly showing off their new attire. Everyone seemed to have gained a pound of happiness. Thanks to Spring. The big apple was vaguely seen, a veil of clouds gently kissed the skyscrapers and the newly constructed world trade center. The mighty hudson looked pale with a couple of  foamy trails. I had just finished my lunch and a craving to eat something sweet kicked in. When such things happen I don’t run to the vending machine instead I count on the guilt free treats I make  it at home. Few days ago I had made Black sesame and Nuts laddoo and that came to my rescue.

These laddoos will provide your family the daily dose of essential nutrients. If you ever worry about aging and grey hair then you must stock black sesame seeds in your kitchen cabinet. This magic seed can do wonders with its incredible nutrition profile and so are the other ingredients(nuts) used in this recipe.

Munchkin loves “Laeddus” and these black sesame and nut balls seem to fascinate her. She helps herself in picking one and popping it in her mouth. And the older one stealthily sneaks into the kitchen at midnight and satiates his sweet cravings by gulping down couple of these laddoos. I don’t complain about it. Because I want them to have atleast two laddoos each day so that they get the necessary nutrients from it. Since the nuts are powdered it helps the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals easily. It certainly helps the little one who is yet to master the chewing technique.

5 Amazing reasons to include Sesame seeds in your diet

1. Sesame seeds have copious amount of  Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and a long list of vitamins and minerals that I can’t fit in my post. You might ask, what the heck? You need these good stuffs to function well and to prevent ourselves from major illness like Osteoporosis and Cancer.

2. Those who complain about having high LDL, this seed is for you. Two wonder ingredients found in sesame helps in reducing bad cholesterol naturally. Garlic is yet another ingredient that is equally good for controlling cholesterol levels.

3. They say sesame seed is the most coolest anti-aging ingredient that also prevents hair loss.  Those who need a scientific explanation may continue to read.  It  increase the blood supply in the head region and skin. When sufficient blood supply is available our organs and glands replenish themselves and eventually nourish our skin and hair.  So eat sesame seeds and awe your husband or boyfriend.

4.  If you are like me who hates to visit a dentist and then start gargling sesame oil.  Oil pulling (gargling sesame oil) helps in maintaining oral hygiene.  I can hear you saying Eww…

5. The advent of modern science and technology has exposed some of us to harmful radiations. Sesame has antioxidants that can fight these free radicals and minimize the DNA damage.

6. I am poor at math. Sorry, I have one more. Take a bowl full of sesame oil and massage your little one from their head to toes. This strengthens their muscles and induces sleep. Oh, this applies to grownups too.

A sugar free treat with truck loads of nutrients that are so good for you. Pick one and pop it in your mouth to satisfy your sweet cravings. And trust me you can’t stop with one.



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  • In a pan/skillet dry roast black sesame seeds and flax seeds on a medium heat. When more than few sesame crackles and the seed releases its aroma remove from heat. Empty it into a bowl and allow it to cool
  • In the same pan on a medium heat dry roast Almonds, Walnuts and peanuts separately until the nuts releases its aroma for 30 seconds to a minute. Don't let the nuts change color. Spread it on a plate/ bowl and allow it to cool
  • In a mixer/blender combine almonds, walnuts and peanuts and grind to coarse powder. Don't let the mixie run for more than 5 seconds. Pulse!! Pulse!! Pulse!!
  • Empty the jar. Now add sesame seeds and grind to coarse powder with the same pulsing technique
  • Combine crushed black sesame seeds, nuts powder, grated jaggery and cardamon and grind until it combines using the same pulse technique
  • Empty the jar into a bowl. Take a hand full of the sesame nuts mixture and start rolling it into a ball by gently pressing the mixture (see step wise pictures to get an idea)
  • Notes
  • If the mixture doesn't bind into a ball sprinkle luke warm water
  • You can roast nuts in the oven
  • Amma says we should wash black sesame seeds and dry (preferably sun dry) it well before roasting. I do both ways
  • You can substitute black sesame seeds with white sesame seeds. But I like the former. The rich nutty flavor in black sesame cannot be matched by white ones
  • While buying jaggery choose the the dark brown ones which are "true" unrefined sugar. The lighter ones are bleached using bi-carbonate and/or may contain chemicals

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