Avocado Phulka | How to make soft Phulka

Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 30 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 50 Mins

This has been an extremely fast paced year in my life. As I stand in the brim of 2013  I look back how wonderful, rewarding yet stressful it has been. There has been few changes and they happened for good. It feels exhilarating now. I feel less stressed and more happy. Isn’t it a good way to end this year.

Munchkin has officially entered the “terrible twos” phase of her life. I am fascinated how quickly she is learning something new everyday and teaching me lessons that will last my lifetime.  Out of many things I have learnt, she has taught me to empathize and get in to someone else shoes before judging them. I have relearned the definition of patience, preserverance and love. Two years ago I would get extremely restless and annoyed if the person in front of me drives 30 mph in a 50 mph zone. But now I give the driver the benefit of doubt. I don’t feel annoyed  or at least I try not to and empathize. There could be a genuine reason why he or she is not able to drive well.  Well this is just one of the lessons I have learnt from my daughter. I can easily write a book on how she has changed me as a person.

I always have a habit of disappearing for months and then get back to blogging. I just don’t want to post recipes for the heck of it but I want that ‘space and time’ to develop  and present it in a palatable way. Sorry, it is just me. Time has flown since the little one arrived. After work and household chores I dedicate the rest of the time to the little one. I know it should have been the other way around. Sometimes you are helpless. And there are thousand and one things that happens over weekend that I don’t feel the urge to do anything other than finishing up the pending chores and rest. Sigh. I wish I can be a super woman!!! But I am trying to get there slowly. You have to be one to have a stress free and a balanced life. Do you agree?

Well, let us talk about FOOD now.  Usually we don’t need recipes to sneak in veggies in our diet. Even the little one doesn’t say “No” to veggies including the forbidden Broccoli. Touch wood! But we have a love hate relationship with Avocados. We love them if it gets encapsulated with spices. So I am always in hunt for ideas to add this nutritious fruit in our diet. Guacamole and smoothies are a regular affair. On one of those gloomy days I decided to call one of our family friend. We usually discuss food. Period. Whilst talking about her dinner plan she proudly bragged about the avocado roti that she made for dinner. Well I just needed that cue to make the best use of avocados. This is a very forgiving recipe. However you make it will yield soft phulkas that you have ever seen. Trust me, adorn your apron and let the kneading begin.


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  • In a mixing bowl add wheat flour, red chili powder, salt and mix well using a whisk or your hand
  • Cut avocado in to havles. Scoop the pulp using a spoon and add it to the flour mix
  • Squish and mix the avocado with flour. It will start looking crumbly. Add water slowly as you try to gather the flour. Knead it into a soft pliable dough using your palm. Coat it with 1 tsp oil and cover it with a kitchen towel and rest it for 10 minutes. If you are in hurry go ahead and start rolling phulka
  • Divide the dough into equal parts. Take 1 part and roll it into a ball (small lemon size)
  • On a flat clean surface (I do it on my granite countertop ) sprinkle few pinches of flour
  • Dust the ball with flour and start rolling using a rolling pin applying equal pressure. Dust flour if required but don't overdo. Roll on the same side without flipping (I was told this is another key factor for making phulka to fluff ) until it is of the size of a folded paper napkin say around 1 mm or 2 mm
  • Meanwhile heat a flat tawa/griddle on medium-high flame (say 6 or 7 on US gas stoves). Even a cast iron or non stick skillet will work
  • When it is hot enough place the roti on a tawa. In less than 10 seconds you will see small bubbles appearing all over the phulka. Flip it and allow it to cook until you see tiny brown spots. Immediately flip and put it on the flame and allow it to fluff. Using your tongs carefully to remove it from the flame and transfer it to a closed container. I usually use my casserole/hot box for storing. Repeat the above steps
  • Brush it with ghee or oil in the end. I use ghee for every other roti in the stack. Keep them closed until ready to serve
  • Notes
  • If your dough looks very clumpy add some flour and knead again. If it is very hard and breaking add few tbsp water and knead to a soft pliable dough
  • Dust gently while rolling phulka. Too much of flour will make the phulka dry.
  • Rolling on the same side helps the roti to fluff
  • Do not apply too much pressure while rolling
  • Do not apply oil while frying it makes the roti crispy
  • Don't worry if your roti looks like a map of some country. That is ok, it will not prevent you from making soft rotis
  • Do not fry it for long. The steps I mentioned above for frying happens quickly. If you are an expert you can fry at least 3-4 roti in a minute. Do yo get what I mean
  • Avocado makes the roti extremely soft. You will need comparatively less water than a regular phulka due to avocados
  • Good quality atta/flour matters for the right texture and taste
  • If you find it hard to make phulka on the flame. Make it on a tawa. Still it will be soft.

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