Our Munchkin has arrived :)

The 9 month long roller coaster ride has happily ended and our munchkin has arrived safely. Our daughter S was born on the 6th of October at 6:30 in the morning.  This could explain why I disappeared in the beginning of this year and have been little less active for the last couple of weeks

Though morning sickness took me for a ride, I have enjoyed every bit of this pregnancy.  It was an eureka moment when we saw her first in the 12th week. My eyes almost teared looking at the monitor.  Though I didn’t feel even the slightest of the kick we were able to see her hands and legs moving really fast. That is what she does outside the womb now, kicking and boxing :D I was on cloud nine when I felt the first kick weeks later.  I could imagine the little feet and hands in action. Those little kicks, tickling, somersaults eventually grew stronger and it was a merry moment every time I felt it. Gosh I definitely miss them.

I feel complete now as I hold her in my arms. All the troubles, sleepless nights seem less significant when I see my daughter smile in her sleep. I am sure our lives have been transformed ones for all and each day ahead will give us the most unforgettable moments of our lives. The days gone by helped me to  understand and appreciate people around me. I am so grateful for all the pampering and care I have received from my family, friends, co-workers and strangers equally. It is not enough to say thanks to our family friend ‘R’ for cooking those simple and delicious meals when even a food Ad on T.V made me puke (sorry if it sounds gross). Without all their love and support I don’t think I could have managed it. Now that my parents are here I don’t have to tell you how much care my daughter and I will receive.  Of course, V will get his share too :)

As we get acclimatized in this new parenting role, learn the art of changing diapers,  relearn to burn the midnight oil and enjoy our time with our little bundle of joy keep watching this space for my favorite cookie recipe, a back to basics post and lot more interesting stuffs. Thanks so much for your understanding and keeping food for 7 stages live and kicking.

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