New Era Begins & my heartfelt sympathies to the families in Newtown

It was one of those days I was returning late from work and surprisingly bumped into a friend who was also coming late from work. I was so happy to see her and like every time we started discussing about the day that went by. Slowly our talks shifted to the most painful thing that happened last Friday(Dec 14). The death of 26 innocent souls by a young lad who eventually killed himself; He heartlessly killed 20 children who had weaved a dream to touch the sky one day. They were eagerly waiting for the holidays to spend time with their family and receive plenty of gifts from Santa and their loved ones.  Their family couldn’t believe they had lost their integral part of their life just on a whim. The one who cuddled them tight, wet their cheeks and whom they carried on their shoulder no longer existed. It is one of the most painful moments for any parent to carry their dead child in their arms. The darkness of the winter will last forever in their lives.

Most of us have spoken about this on our blog, facebook, twitter, google+ and all the social networking mean that is available. I was telling my friend that how the Mother Nancy has been blamed for housing weapons in her home and letting her son access it. And how is Autism being linked to a mental illness which turned him into a satan. We were worried that this false claim could make other Autistic and mentally ill children and adults look evil and the society might not treat them the same way they treated before.

Our conversation was broken by a loud noise. We saw a young man quarreling with the train conductor for making him lift the swollen suitcase and keep it on the overhead rack. He was complaining that it is so heavy and thus he didn’t want to put it there. While putting it on the rack he had dropped the suitcase on a woman’s head who was seated 2 chairs away. The woman was holding her head and moaning in pain. The young guy sat down allowing another person to sit next to him uttering something. The man who was seated behind him generously advised him to apologize to the woman whom he had injured. He said he was not aware of it and said Sorry in a careless tone which the woman didn’t even hear. It caused a sudden outrage in me and my friend and we hushed how heartless he could be. After a while the woman said she was ok and all the men were back to their business and we both started talking about the Newton school incident again. Within minutes she waved a goodbye and I was lost in my dream world waking up occasionally to check if the train has reached my station.

The not so good guy picked up his suitcase and was ready to leave the train when the station arrived. A huge old man who seemed to be living out of the cart blocked his way. He had two humongous cart filled with soiled bags. I did not pay much attention to it. But in my mind I thought I should help this old man to offboard the train. Because it is rather impossible to move the cart in the gap between the platform and the train. The not so good guy was standing in between us. I assumed he wouldn’t be helping him and I was all ready. The train stopped and the old man requested help from the not so good guy. In my mind I thought how this heartless guy would be of any help. And I had only made an ass of u and me. Yes, he stopped to help the old man to move the two carts, he picked up the fallen cart when it tumbled on to the platform. I didn’t wait to see till the end and climbed down the stairs as someone was waiting to pick me up at the station. I felt ashamed of being JUDGEMENTAL!!!! The person who looked bad to me seemed to have a soft corner too.

I know this story is no way related to what happened in the school. But I have a lesson that I learned from this not so good guy. I should make every attempt not to be judgmental about anyone including what happened in Sandy brook school. I don’t know who Adam Lanza was nor his mother Nancy. Instead of spending time in accusing them left and right, let us spend some time in prayers for the family who lost their loved ones. Let us pray that something magical happens in their lives to remove this darkness that has engulfed their hearts for the rest of their life. Let us pray for millions of children who become victim to different form of violence. Let us pray no such incidents happen again.

Instead of counting on the government to change the law let us teach our children the act of being good, the outcomes of violence and being considerate towards the society. Let us teach them to appreciate what they have, teach them not to bully their peers, teach them to respect woman and men alike, teach them to stand up for themselves. As a parent let us nurture them into a better human being. Let us spend more time with them instead of starring at our computers, smartphones and tablets. Instead of playing in farmville, tweeting and instagraming let us play with them. Let us try to empathize them and understand their emotions. Let us be a good listener without judging them. Let us guide them into this new era that begins today.

Allow the world to end today so that we leave behind our shortcomings, hatred, jealousy, violence and walk our kids to the next era of hope, faith, love and peace holding their hands tight.

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