In Singara(Gorgeous) Chennai

Phew.. Last 2 weeks has been super crazy. I have never shopped like this before in my life. Not even for my wedding 🙂 Thanks to my first India trip. Since I was traveling alone, my baggages were literally over-flowing. Thank god it did not exceed the limit that an airline would allow. Still I had to let go 10 pounds of chocolates that I had bought from Costco. I hope V returns it promptly. Since he was going to be alone, I had to do lots of cooking and freeze them so that he doesn’t miss my food when I am away.

My flight journey was little rough. The first few hours were totally crazy. When the airbus crashed through the clouds to reach 11000 odd feet, it couldn’t save itself from turbulence. It was noisy and shaky thank god I did not puke. An unfriendly air hostess on board made it even worse. They served dinner and drinks/juices to the jam packed flight. Since I was seated in the tail of the plane, they  forgot to give me the drinks in spite of asking them. Though I asked for a Non-Vegetarian meal I was served a Vegetarian meal. But that was OK. Still the turbulence made me feel sick that I couldn’t eat at all. When I normally prepare dinner at home, they asked me to sleep. They turned off the lights and I had to watch the fellow passengers dozing and snoring :).  To get rid of boredom I started watching Karthik calling Karthik. Deepika padukone was really cute. I loved her outfits and hair do. Within 2 hours, the ‘Unfriendly’ air hostess turned on the lights and started serving breakfast. It was odder to eat muffin and fruits when we normally hit the bed. Since I didn’t eat my dinner I gobbled the entire muffin and fruit bowl in minutes. I didn’t mind to have a cup of Tea.

After a smooth landing in Brussels, I went on a shopping spree again. I couldn’t resist myself from buying those world’s best Belgian chocolates from the duty free shop. Of course it was meant for my family and friends . 🙂 I know I am going back there again when I return. To my surprise even the second flight was jam packed with lots of Indians and few Canadian Common wealth swimming team and two Beach volley ball players (to be held in Chennai). We weren’t traveling with those unfriendly air hostess any more. The stewardesses in this flight were extremely pleasing and caring. They really didn’t mind when I asked for a second serving of pineapple juice. 😉  After a good lunch meal, I couldn’t stop myself from dozing. When I woke up after a good 3-4 hours nap it was already late in the evening. The Moon was kissing the gigantic wings of the plane and I could see the patches of light on the hilly and rugged terrains of Iran. On the other side the bright orange skies indicated that the sun set had just occurred. I could believe again the earth rotates and revolves around the Sun. I totally felt blessed to have this great view in the vast open sky.

When the flight entered the Indian airspace via Kutch/Gujarat my happiness knew no bounds. I was happier when I saw the shores of Marina beach and the beautifully lit Chennai streets. I literally couldn’t wait for the flight to land. And yeah the landing was also not quite smooth. There was so much of turbulence even when the flight descended from 11000 feet. I am sure except that 3 year old kid all of us got panicked. It felt like a free fall. The 3 year old was enjoying as though it was a fun ride in some theme park :).

I was not surprised when I saw the wet runway. I knew rain would be there to welcome me first. It was like where I had left Chennai 21/2 years ago. Yes it rained when I flew to the big apple with my husband. Chennai airport has undergone lots of changes and I am sure it would look better when I come back next time.

As I enjoy this break from work and regular chores, while I eat lots of good food, get some culinary training from my Mom, roam around Chennai streets, I may ask you to enjoy your life and take good care of yourself. I will be back soon with loads of pictures, stories and some real great food.



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  1. Kulsum at JourneyKitchen says:

    aw! say hello to my dear India too and say I’ll be coming sooooooooon too. Have fun dear. I can imagine the excitement!

  2. Sayantani says:

    Have a great time Radhika. its always great be at home especiialy if you have to live so far away. do loads of shopping, have great fun and cherish all your lovely moments with friends and families.

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