How to sprout Mung Beans, Brown Chickpea and Horse gram in 3 easy steps

Wishing you a wonderful New Year my dearest readers. Hope 2014 brings immense joy, peace and prosperity in your life. How have you been doing with your New Year resolutions? Have you made any progress on what you had planned? I have never been good at keeping up the New Year resolution. But in the beginning of 2013 I did end up making a bunch of overt resolutions. Apparently it put me under pressure because I didn’t want to look like a failure in the end. So I started working on them one at a time. With some goal setting and occasional policing I did achieve most of them except the ‘workout plan’. Setting goals has helped me to improve as a person over the last one year and lead a better life. So I decided to carry it forward in 2014. Things I couldn’t achieve last year were moved to the top of my to-do list. A small sprout can grow into a humongous tree likewise baby steps can put you in the right path. Isn’t it? By the way I found my Hatha Yoga teacher a week ago and I am so excited to get started. Yay!!

Well it might sound like cliché. If you want to lead a peaceful and fruitful life you certainly need to set goals for yourself and your family. Okay don’t start off with a goal of losing weight that you might certainly end up not achieving because it needs lots of perseverance, discipline and organization. Instead begin with fundamentals that can be achieved easily and slowly move towards the tougher goals. I prefer to set goals for every month/quarter. It helps me to keep them in mind and work towards it.

Let me tell you with the simple goals I set for myself I seem to be more organized than before. Though there are slips I am constantly trying to push myself to get better.

These are some of my goals

1)      Stay organized. This is more important than anything else

2)      Understand clock is ticking. Learn to manage and keep up the time. Try to make the best use of the day by planning it a day before. Value others time as well. When someone is ready to spend time for you try to be on time.

3)      Practice Power yoga and Meditation. I will keep you posted on how I deal with this

4)   Remove clutter from your home and your mind. We had done few home improvement and organization projects last year and our home looks so much better.  This year we have made another list of projects to improve our home.

5)      Eat unprocessed, organic and wholesome food (let us talk what it means to me in a separate post). This is not as simple as it looks.

6)      Use your calendar to the fullest. Make a note of all the appointments, travel details, kids activities; vacation etc. so that you know what your week/month looks like. Again this is going to help you in your planning. This is one of the tools to achieve the Goal 1

7)      Try to live greener and reduce wastage. Remember what you sow is what your next generations will reap. Let us create a safer world for them to live. Understand the social responsibility you have towards the Mother earth and your children

8)      Set goals for my little one.  Don’t think I am cruel mother. I want to work on little projects that will help her to learn and improve her skills. I think it is quintessential to set goals for our kids so that they are aware of what needs to be done or achieved. Also it will help them to manage their time effectively that most of us struggle as an adult. Agree?

9)      Improve my social skills without spending much time on FB and other social networks. Spend more time with my family, talk to my friends often and meet whenever possible

10)   Read, Learn and Unlearn. Reading helps us to improve our knowledge and stay abreast. Learning something new boosts our ego and gives us immeasurable pleasure. Unlearning things you don’t need in your life  will give you peace of mind.

Do you have any resolutions? Share it in the comment box along with any tips you follow to achieve them

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