Food for 7 Stages of Life – My first blog event

I am glad to host my first blog event and many thanks to Sudeshna of ‘Cook like a Bong’ who agreed to co-host with me. The concept of this event is “Food for Seven Stages of Life”. This will be a series of event from Sep 2009 until March 2010, 1 stage per month. It might sound similar to Shakespeare’s poetry but I have tweaked it little bit so that it could be more interesting and relevant for us to cook. Here we go with 7 Stages.

Pregnancy (Zero hour) – September ’09: A very crucial stage in a woman’s life. Whatever we eat during those 9 months counts a lot. Woman has to pay so much attention so that she doesn’t have problem at the Zero hour. You can prepare any course of a meal for this stage.

  • Infancy (0-4 yrs) – October ’09: Baby food needs to be prepared with much care. We need to ensure that they get necessary nutrients in the first few years that would help them to be healthy with good immune system. The dishes should be simple, easily digestible, tested and used by you. It could be gruel, soups, steamed vegetables or fruits or just a bowl of mashed bananas.
  • Childhood / Kids corner (5 -13 yrs) – November ’09: Kids are really finicky about food. It is very hard to please them. At the same time the food prepared for them needs to be healthy and presentable. It could be any course of a meal like Salad, main course, soup, juice, snacks except Desserts(includes pastries, ice-cream or any baked food)
  • Lover / Desserts & Pastries (14-24 yrs) – December ’09: You, I and everyone love desserts. So this event goes to Dessert lovers i.e., for each one of us. You can submit any baked food, ice-creams, pastries or any desserts that you could think of.
  • Soldier / Fast food (25-35 yrs) – January ’10: At this stage we enter a fast paced world where everything needs to be done so quickly. Freak out with your imagination and post any fast food recipes. Could be from bhel poori to a burger or anything of your choice.
  • Justice / Healthy Lunch box meal (36-55 yrs) – February ’10: Healthy Lunch box meal for adults. This is one stage where a woman in the family faces lots of challenges. My mom finds hard to cook a proper meal for my father. As men want it to be tasty as well as healthy. You can cook any healthy lunch box meal for this event.
  • Old Age / Food for Ailments (56-… yrs) – March ‘
    This is the stage when we fall sick. This event is basically to prepare meal for those who are suffering. Hence attention needs to be paid in detail. You can prepare any course of a meal for those who are old, diabetic, with high/low blood pressure, cholesterol or any other ailments you could think of. I believe at the end of these events we will have a repository of recipes for different stages of life. This could help many who are miles away from family and everyone else.

General Rules

  • Post 1 or more recipe(s) for each stage. They should be relevant to the theme. Example: for the infancy stage the posts should be related to baby foods like kanji (gruel) etc. Couple of stages requires you to post recipes that are tested and used by you. (MANDATORY)
  • Our ancestors have passed on the abundant knowledge to us over generations and I think this event should be a platform to share it among us. Post home remedies, health or general tips, shlokas that would be useful for that particular stage. Please ensure that you post tips or remedies that has been applied or used by you. This is OPTIONAL, so please don’t feel compelled 🙂
  • Would appreciate if you can post detailed recipe(s) with elaborate pictures of each dish.
  • You must display the logo of “Food for Seven Stages of Life” in your post and link it back to My Event Announcement and Sudeshna’s ‘Cook like a Bong’. This is MANDATORY 🙂
  • There must be some reward after all this hard work. A poll will be conducted to choose the recipe of the month (round up will be published at the end of each event.). The recipe of the month will be published in my facebook page and the photo of the dish would appear in the profile photo with the winner’s name and blog name.
  • No worries if you have those recipes in your archives or if you had already submitted it for another event. If you think those recipes are relevant to our theme, you can still repost and link it back to this event.
  • Rules will be announced separately for each theme.
  • You don’t have a blog; still you are most welcome to participate in this event. You can mail me your recipe(s), tips and a picture of the dish to Your recipe will feature in my blog along with your name.
  • You can submit your entries to with below details
Subject: Food for 7 Stages of Life –
Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
URL of the recipe
Name of the recipe:
Picture of your recipe (in jpeg format):

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