What does Food for 7 Stages of Life mean?
One fine day, an idea popped up in my mind that I could use to host my debut food event. It was to ask my blogger friends to cook dishes for different stages of human life. I believed that this will be an interesting and useful theme for all of us. This is how the ‘Food for 7 Stages of Life’ theme was born. Eventually I got so obsessed with this name that I decided to change my blog name to ‘Food for 7 Stages of Life’. In my world, 7 Stages of Life starts with Pregnancy and goes on until the old age. The recipes and musings here are immortal 🙂
Why did you abandon your old blog name ‘Sourashtra Kitchen’?
I had two good reason to change it
1. Most of the readers had no clue about our language and cuisine. So most of the them were leaving my blog as soon as they landed. It was disheartening and the whole purpose of the blog to familiarize the Sourashtrian cuisine was lost.

2. When I looked at the history of my posts, there were recipes from other cuisine and traditions as well. So I thought I should have a generic name which can be related by all.

What is my Culinary background?

My Mom, Grandma and my paternal Aunt are excellent cook. They have great passion towards cooking and trying new recipes. I simply love each and every meal they cook for me and our family. I was a spoiled brat in my home who hardly stepped into the kitchen. But still I used to cook whenever I was alone or found some interesting recipes on T.V, Newspaper or Magazine. I even maintained a diary just to record all those recipes.

My mother in law is an amazing cook too. She teaches me the Tamilian way of cooking.

Are my recipes Edible and Healthy?

1. Any recipe you find in my blog is tried and tasted by me and my dear husband. Sometimes our friends get to taste them too.

2. I cannot compromise on the taste of my food. So the recipes posted here should first satisfy me 200 % only then it gets in to my blog. Of course, it should be approved by my husband. Many a times I have taken notes and tons of pictures which were thrown in to the recycle bin as I was not satisfied by the end result of the dish. But this does not assure you that it must satisfy your taste buds too.. Come one every individual has their own likes and dislikes. So play around with the ingredients as per your choice. If you think I was missing something or my recipe was terribly awful please let me know about it. These lessons will help me to improve the quality of my blog and my recipes. If you think it came out really well, please acknowledge. That shall make my day.

3. We are health conscious couple, so we try to use the best ingredients/cooking methods for a healthier life. At the same time I do follow the traditional methods in my cooking.

What are the sources of my recipes?

1. Most of the recipes I post here are learned from my Mom, MIL, Grandmother, Family Friends and my Colleagues.

2. I do post recipes adapted from Cook Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Website, T.V shows and other blogs. Most of the times I draw the inspiration or learn the methodology and add my own flavors and twists to the recipe. Also, I ensure that appropriate credits is given to the author or source of the recipe.

3. You can also find recipes that was invented in my kitchen as a result of heavy experiments.

4. Sometimes I watch how others cook and learn some tips and techniques from them.

Does this blog feature Sourashtrian Recipes only?

My blog features wide range of Indian, International and Fusion Cuisine.

I was brought up in a metropolitan suburb of Chennai(Madras) so I had an opportunity to taste different types of cuisines from various parts of India. Again Marriage brought me to a truly Cosmopolitan city where I have an opportunity to try food from various International cuisine. So you can find recipes from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from New Delhi to New york just at one stop.

Why does most of my Sourashtrian recipe sounds like a Tamilian/South Indian recipe?

Simple reason is our ancestors migrated to South India many centuries ago. They eventually adapted the south indian culture and traditions. So the contemporary Sourashtrian cuisine is no different from a Tamil Cuisine or a South Indian Cuisine though there are some variations to it.

Who are Sourashtrians?

Please read this wonderful article in wiki to know more about us.

Have a Question or Need a Recipe?

Write to me at foodfor7stagesoflife(AT)gmail(DOT)com / foodfor7stagesoflife@gmail.com

I will be glad to get back to you in the next 24 hrs unless I am on a Vacation.

Is my blog Protected?

All contents and photos in this blog are protected by U.S copyrights law. So please ask first before you use my contents and pictures.

Why should You leave a Comment?

I check my mail as soon as I wake up. It gives me lots of pleasure to read your comments first in the morning. So please comment generously but avoid any kind of rudeness. Please be aware that your comment actually ‘makes my day’ 🙂