Event Roundup: Food for 7 Stages of Life – Tiffin Box & Winner Announcement?

Well, the much awaited roundup for Food for 7 stages of Life – Tiffin Box is out. This time I am not sharing any stories with you nor I am telling you why it was delayed. My chronicles might distract you from enjoying these wonderful dishes contributed by the extremely talented bloggers(read as chefs). Do come back to see who won this edition of Food for 7 Stages of Life. Keep guessing and yeah I can give you  a small clue ‘Her recipes will scintillate your taste buds in no time’.

Update: Winner Announcement
Winner of this edition of Food for 7 Stages of Life is PJ of Seduce your tastebuds. Let us hear from PJ:
I am Padmajha Sureshbabu known as PJ to the blogging world. I am a Dietitian and health educator by profession but a stay at home mom for now.I started the blog to do something useful in my free time and now it has become more of a passion to me.

It is often mistaken that if a food has to be healthy it is either tasteless or difficult to prepare.But it is definitely not so.The recipes in my blog show that healthy food is both tasty and easy to prepare.You can also find nutrition articles and tips in blog.

Trying to get the members of your family to eat healthy is really challenging as the kids have a lot of snacks to choose from and the adults who go to work have little or no time to cook.Hence the home maker must use her creativity to churn out yummy stuffs in the kitchen that are healthy and easy to prepare and pack.I also feel that parents are the best role models in eating healthy as children imitate anything and everything the parents do and once parents eat the right food the child follow it without much coaxing..

The reason I include at least 4 dishes in hubby’s lunch box is that he takes a very small breakfast coz he has to leave early and hence the i want the lunch box to provide the nutrients to make up for the breakfast.Tasty and nutritious is the mantra I follow while packing the meal and it includes rice[Carbohydrates], sambar/dhal/sundal[Protein],

Rasam,yogurt[protein,Calcium] and vegetable curry,a fruit[Vitamin and minerals].In this way we are able to meet some of the day’s nutrient need.

Bulgar Wheat Pilaf from Shankari Eashwaran

Ligurian Shrimp Stew from Cool Lassie
Fabulous Meat Loaf from Cool Lassie
Pasta Pudding from Cool Lassie
Tofu Fried Rice from Priya
Carrot and Spinach Rice (Microwave) from Priya
Coriander Rice from Jayashree

South Indian Lunch Box from Priya Srinivasan

from Kamala

Bell Pepper / Capsicum Rice from Priya Srinivasan

Mixed Sprout Brown Rice from Priya Srinivasan

Poori Kurma from Nivedita

Fennel Pilaf rice from Nayna

Moglai Parota from Sayantani

Okra Gojju with Urad dhal Dosa from Asha Arvind

Sambhar Sadam from Jaishree

Rava idli with Carrot and Methi Leaves from Latha Ganesan

Chicken Frittaa from Sudha

Seafood Fried Rice from Sudha

Siam Noodles from Sudha

Mamak Stir fry noodles from Sudha

Pita Pocket from Sudha

Spicy Salmon from Kavitha

Katti roll from Kavitha

Mixed Vegetable Coconut Rice from Kavitha

Fried Rice from Kavitha

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