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Sunita Bhuyan and Think Spice
Do you believe in love at first sight? Visit “Sunita’s World” and you will instantly fall in love with her food blog and her artistic and aesthetic photography. Sunita is a renowned blogger in the blogosphere, she is a amazing cook and a self taught photographer. Her blog features Assamese, Indian, International Cuisine and she does lots of Baking too. Think Spice‘ is her brainchild event launched two years ago. So far it has featured 25 different spices and hundreds of recipes under each of them. Click here to read more about Sunita and sneak a peak in to the previous roundups of this event.

Spice of the Month:
Let me introduce the spice of the month. This spice was first cultivated in a Mediterranean region and later it spread to Iran, India, China,Turkey and the rest of the world. Today Canada, Holland and Czhec Republic are the largest producers of this spice. Just like the sun-sign ‘Gemini’ this spice has dual characters. The unripe ones are narcotic and the ripe ones are edible and they are also available in two different colors ‘Blue’ and ‘White’. Yes, you guessed it right. THE SPICE OF THE MONTH IS POPPY SEEDS.

Event Guidelines
1. Post any kind of recipe(s) cooked with White or Blue Poppy Seeds between now and Dec 31st 2009.
2. Provide a link back to my post and Sunita’s post (http://sunitabhuyan.com/?page_id=341)
You can send me archived entries as well. Update/Repost and provide a link to our posts. Please feel free to use the logo.
3. Mail me your entries to foodfor7stagesoflife@gmail.com with below details:
Mail Subject: Think Spice Think Poppy Seeds
Your Name:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name and URL:
4. Non bloggers can send me your recipe(s) and picture to foodfor7stagesoflife@gmail.com

Nutrition and Medicinal Values of Poppy Seeds:
(source:www.nutritiondata.com, www.herbal-home-remedies.com)
Poppy Seeds are rich in Thiamin, Dietary Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Copper, Calcium and Manganese and low in Cholesterol and Sodium.
Unripe version of Poppy Seeds contains opium/narcotic substances. They are constructively used to prepare medicines to treat various illness at the same time some crooks use it to make illegal drugs as well.
1. The oil of this spice is used to treat breast cancer as it is a good source of Oleic acid.
2. Poppy seeds helps in digestion of food.
3. Poppy seeds contains linoleic acid which helps human body to fight heart attack and other heart disorders.

Home Remedies:
Poppy Seeds can be used to treat blemishes, improve skin tone, diarrhea, dark circles, abdominal pain, joint pain etc., Click here to read more.

What can I cook with Poppy Seeds
You can use this spice to prepare any course of a meal. Indians use it in curry preparations, desserts, Western world uses it in breads, buns, pastries etc. and the rest of the world uses it in soup, candies, pasta, noodles, sauces etc.,

Poppy Seeds and its Synonyms
Hindi Khas Khas
Tamil Kasa Kasa
Sourashtra Gesa Gesa
Telugu Gasagasaalu
Kannada Gasagase
Bengali Posto
Marathi Khus khus
French Pavot somnifre, Oeillette
Italian Papavero
German Mohn (samen)
Spanish Adormidera, amapola (Poppy)
Malayalam Kashakasha
Chinese Ying Shu
For other language click here.

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  1. Rohini says:

    My my, now I have to scratch my brain and leaf through my recipe books for a recipe! But I’ll send one soon 🙂 Thanks for the multilingual translation!

  2. Bharathy says:

    Never Knew Kasa kasa had so much of medicinal values!..Thanx for throwing light on it..:)..
    All I make is veg Khurma with a little of these seeds ground along with coconut!..:)
    Let me see what else I can do..

  3. RV says:

    @Bharathy, yeah even I use it in kurmas or chicken curry preparations… this is an opportunity for us to cook something out of box… happy cooking 🙂

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