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  1. Gayatri says:

    Now that I’ve visited your blog, I can say with even more reason that it’s lovely to have made your acquaintance today, Radhika. Considering that I just met you, it may sound strange for me to say that I’m ‘proud of you’ for having created a good food blog, and specially, for the photos. But you see, I’m myself smitten with photography; and I’m slowly developing my latent love of making good food, not just for the body, but for the heart & spirit. Your blog turns out to be a venue for me to enjoy both delights vicariously 🙂 So, keep it comin’… and, thank you. (btw, in case you’re wondering – we met in the context of “Shaam-e-Mehfil” (which involves my other love – music) On that note, greetings to Vasanth (for the sevikkuNavu)… Ciao!

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