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Cook for Yourself Roundup and Winner Announcement

Do you want to know who won the $25 Gift Certificate to shop at Trupti’s Fashion Deals for Less? The wait is over, The Winner of the ‘Cook for Yourself’ event is Deepti of DipsKitchen. Congratulations Deepti. I hope you can pamper yourself this holiday season with those wonderful Jewelleries. Enjoy Buddy!! (Picture Courtesy:Multiple sites on Internet) If you are interested …


Pineapple Sadam / Annachi pazha Sadam

I am so obsessed with Pineapple Rice that I came up with another recipe. You can find my previous version of Pineapple Rice here. This one is pretty much close to what I had in my cousin’s wedding. Hope you relish it as I did  Ingredients from my Pantry Basmati Rice – 1 cup (You can …


South Indian Chicken Soup

CL is one of the few people I first got acquainted in blogosphere and took our relationship beyond commenting in each others blog and saying a Hi. When I was too shy in making friends, she came forward and spoke to me. Since then we have spoken hours over phone. Two weeks ago I received …