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Aloo Gobhi Tart

You need inspiration and then some motivation to pursue a task. When it comes to blogging I draw the inspiration from bloggers like Sala of Veggie Belly. Her eye candy pics, storytelling and her love for traveling makes me feel connected with her though I don’t know her personally. But that is what a good blog and good blogger do to you.

When I came to know that Sala was looking for bloggers to guest post whilst she was traveling across the country, I immediately wrote to her. And she graciously accepted my request to guest post in her beautiful blog. Though it is hard to express my gratitude through words, I thank Sala wholeheartedly for giving me this opportunity to write a guest post in Veggie Belly.

Aloo Gobhi Tart

The tree in front of my home warned us well ahead of time about the changing season. Though I am happy to see those bright orange leaves am not really prepared to face the  aftermath. The thought of unpacking the long forgotten boxes filled with our jackets and winter clothes makes me nervous. I couldn’t believe that one brutal winter can change my love for this season. However, I have to accept the fact and move forward. Before the temperature drops further I have to move all my plants indoor, paint our deck and rearrange my home. Sigh.

As there is always a blessing in disguise, it is the right time to turn on my oven and get started with baking again. The nip in the air made me crave for something hot yet spicy and I got reminded of the gluten free fusion tart I baked few months ago. Though I was not very happy with the tart crust as the sweetness of almond meal was overpowering the better half seemed to like it. And Aloo Gobhi tart it is. This time I wanted to whip up something real quick and I didn’t have patience to make the tart crust from the scratch. Ding… The idea of using puff pastry popped in my mind and viola I had a delicious savory tart to share it with you all. Flaky buttery crust forms a perfect base for this spiced Aloo Gobhi Masala and I would never think of using another crust recipe. Yumm.

Aloo Gobhi

There are very few vegetables that marry well with each other. Cauliflower (Gobhi) and Potatoes (Aloo) are the right candidates for this perfect marriage. When these two vegetables are blended together with the right spices they create wonders and Aloo Gobhi is one such popular dish from India. The very thought of combining this popular curry with flaky puff pastry makes me weak at the knees. If you are a savory lover like me, go ahead and make this Aloo Gobhi tart. I am sure you will enjoy this fusion savory tart as much as my family did.

For Aloo Gobhi Tart Recipe and more pictures visit Sala’s Veggie Belly Blog. Don’t forget to read her  vegetarian cross country (U.S) road trip posts (part1 & part2) whilst you are there.

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  1. kankana says:

    Sala is an inspiration to many of us and so is you my friend! This tart you made and the way you clicked is so beautiful! I have few puff pastry at home which I have to finish before my trip and what better way to use it than this 🙂

  2. foodie @ Tasting Spot says:

    i really like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

  3. Divya shivaraman says:

    Wonderful writing…i always enjoy your page radhi…beautiful tart and crisp pic’s…aaloo gobi mix variation in tart is wonderful…am sure to book mark for parties…

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