My world changed drastically after marriage when an unforeseen guest came in to my life. I didn’t know how to react to it as I had never met her in the last 5 years of my busy IT career life. It was very hard for me to digest this new “annoying” guest and I badly wanted to get rid of this idiotic lady. Eager to know who she is? ‘Leisure’ is her name (please don’t ask me if leisure is feminine). It was then I rediscovered my passion for cooking and writing. It was more exciting when I found an interesting equation to do this – Cooking + Writing = Blogging . Though I was confident about my cooking skills I felt more encouraged when TH and our friends appreciated it. I felt enthralled that I could satisfy the taste buds of people who came from different cultural background than mine. This is how my blogging journey began.

Little about ME:

I was born in Salem, a city popular for Mangoes and Silver Anklets and grew up in the multi-cultural suburb of Chennai. In the childhood days, I dreamt of becoming an Astronaut in NASA but somehow ended up maintaining Oracle Databases LOL. So blogging is not my full time job. I do it for my all time passion for food and my latest obsession for Food Photography.

I live in the Garden State of America with my darling husband Vasanth. He works part time in my blog as the ‘Chief Quality Control Manager’. Otherwise you can see him controlling Mainframes, Composing Music and playing Badminton. His love and support keeps me going 🙂

Initially I was a picky eater and was so obsessed with my Mom’s food to an extent that I never ate outside. But times changed and I became more liberal in trying various cuisine which transformed me to a true foodie. Someday Sometime I want to attend a culinary school and open a restaurant serving home style food.

I know you might still have some questions in your mind. You can read this F.A.Q for details, if you don’t find the information you are looking for please feel free to drop me an email.