A Night out in the Snow Storm

We have been blessed with lots of Snow. Thanks to the Snow Storm which blasted the Mid-Atlantic region affecting 50 million people on its path. Since we lived in New York before, we hardly had any idea how the Garden State would react to the Snow Storm. In NY, the snow hardly stayed on the roads and sidewalks due to the heavy cleaning and traffic moving through those road. The streets usually wore a messy look with lots of slush around. This is one reason why some people hated Snow. But being a nature lover, I was eagerly awaiting the snow storm to see the beauty it leaves behind. But I never thought in my dreams that we would be in the verge of extinct due to the wrong decision we made.
V and I planned to watch a big time flop movie(Tamil) in the theater and booked the tickets for a 10.10 pm show on Saturday. We did this before the Snow Storm warning was announced. When I was bragging about this to my colleagues during Friday lunch, they warned me not to venture during the snow storm as it would be hazardous to drive. But in spite of all the warnings we decided to venture out during the storm. At 9.00 pm we stepped out of our home. Our driveway was covered with thick sleet of snow and the snow on our car had transformed into ice. Thanks to the temperature drop. V refused my help and he cleaned the car himself. Oh this was so easy, but we had to get the car out of the drive way and drive out of our development. The road was covered with 1 foot of snow. But brave V managed to pull out and we some how got on the road.  The surroundings made Thousand Butterflies fly in my heavily stuffed (with chicken biriyani, baingan ka salan, chicken fry, fruit custard…) tummy. Our car wouldn’t have traveled even 2 miles, V said why don’t you call the theater and find out if the 10.10 show is still on. His instinct was right, the show was canceled. We were sort of happy because we knew we wouldn’t  be able to drive at 20 mph for the next 15 miles. So we took a right turn and instantly decided to take the US Route 1 to reach our home fast.  We assumed that the road would be in a better condition than the State Route we just  came by. But, the roads were equally bad. There were hardly 4 or 5 cars traveling in 10 mph. It was supposed to be a busy Route with a speed limit of 50 mph.  Now we  could sense the adrenaline flowing through our body. It was getting dangerous as the cars stopped without a signal. We were traveling behind one such car which stopped all of sudden. To avoid a fender-bender V tried to steer right and our car started slewing in the snow. On the right it was woods and on the left there was a concrete median. Somehow V managed to avoid getting into those woods. Brrr…., When I thought we just missed the woods our car was already moving towards the median. V steered hard and hit the break smoothly avoiding the concrete hence saving our car and two beautiful souls on this earth(V & I ..lol..). We were safe as the skid happened on a very low speed. When we thought we  were safe, the guy who stopped the car, started moving which means he could hit us anytime and our car had already come to a full stop blocking the road. We had to roll down the windows and shout at top of our voice to stop him. For couple of minutes, our car stood blocking the traffic on Route 1. The guy who was traveling in the opposite direction, stopped his car and came towards us to check if we were fine. Thanks Gentleman, we appreciate your courtesy.  Then with a relaxing breath V tried to reverse our car and we started moving forward. Somehow we managed to reach our home and park our car in a parking lot which was covered with few inches of snow by now, Sigh. It is not The End, we still watched the crappy movie at home 🙂 Here are some of the pictures that I managed to click on Sunday Morning. And yeah this is my first post with my new Nikon D90 (Come on let the drums roll on the inaugural of my new camera). Thanks to my dear husband for gifting it.
P.S: I am still getting accustomed to the SLR World so please do not expect a high quality output from me and do leave your comments on my clicks.

Learning the Bokeh Effect (Google. I am sure you will be impressed)
Stepping Stones

Our Community Grill
Burried Bicycle
This is how it looked when I woke up on Sunday Morning
Road less travelled by
Mesmerizing Sunset
Our car has new set of teeth

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  1. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Great shots RV. I love it. I miss the snow. Boohooo..When my hubby told me there was a snow-storm, I wished I was there. There is nothing better than virgin-white snow-topped houses and roads. So pure that you feel like you are in wonderland. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new gift.

  2. Spice says:

    Nice clicks…so,u guys had a very adventurous eve. glad to know that all 3 of u(including car) reached home safely….we hardly had any snow here this year as of now….my daughter is really upset that why we moved from east coast….she wan’t to make a snowman….

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow nice snaps! I like the tire tracks in the snow best for a lot of reasons. The camera angle, for one, makes it all the more interesting! Is that your driveway? Must get a lot of exercise while clearing it!

  4. Cham says:

    Cool is Santa came earlier with SLR 🙂 That is beautiful winter pic – u gonna have fun with ur new toy! Hehe want to know what was the Tamil flop movie!

  5. RV says:

    @Cool Lassie, Thank you. Yeah, it looks so divine with the white snow all around.

    @Aruna, Thanks, yep it was an adventurous day

    @Priya, I did watch that movie 🙁

    @Ushnish, Thank you. It is sunny already but freezing too 😉

    @Spice, Thanks, even I used to crib for snow when I was in NY. Hope it snows there soon.

    @Divya, Thank You.

    @Jeniffer, Thank you, Fortunately or unfortunately it was not our drive way 🙂 It was a back road in our community which connects to another development. It is usually closed, but they opened it during the storm for the cleaning vehicle to pass by.

  6. RV says:

    @Mye, Thank you! Wish you too a very happy holidays.

    @Cham, Thanks. Yep Santa came in the form of my hubby LOL… Nice isn’t it. At last you asked me what the movie was, am glad. it is none other than Vettaikaran…

  7. RedChillies says:

    Loved the pictures R and the SLR makes it worth it. I dread the snow, looks good only if we are inside, not stuck on the roads. It does not snow here in our neck of the woods, but the day it did, I had a very hard time navigating my car. It was scary 🙁

  8. RV says:

    @Redchillies, Thank you. Yeah it is really scary to drive.. We learned the hard way that we shouldn’t drive during thunderstorm(Another adventure in I295 N) and snow storm…

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