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Announcing 73rd Edition of My Legume Love affair (MLLA #73)

Ever since I started blogging MLLA has been one of the blog events that I always loved to participate. It is is the brain child event of Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook and now it is run by Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen. Every one loves legumes in some form, don’t we? And they adorn our food in one way or the other. If you have a recipe to share please do send it to the 73rd edition of MLLA hosted in my blog.
  • Only Vegetarian recipes are accepted.
  • Legume must be the star ingredient of the dish and the recipe should contain more than few tablespoons of legume. Exception is tamarind and fenugreek that are generally used in smaller quantities. By products of legumes like besan and tofu are accepted.
  • Only one post per blog will be accepted. Recipes from archives can be sent only if they are updated and reposted. You may send this to other events.
  • If you do not have a blog and would like to participate please do send me an email with your name, location, recipes and a picture possibly. I will be happy to include it in my blog. And you will be eligible for the prize draw.
How to Participate?
   Please link your post to my event announcement, Susan’s blog and Lisa’s blog and send me the following details at foodfor7stagesoflife(at)gmail(dot)com with MLLA #73 in the subject line
  1. Your Name:
  2. Recipe Name:
  3. Picture(500 pixels wide):
  4. Link to your recipe:
  5. Your location (Mandatory and makes you eligible for the random draw. This information will not be published)
1. Susan is graciously sponsoring Michel Design Works Peacock Hostess Napkin and it will be shipped worldwide.
2. Hurst Bean is sponsoring 6-pack assortment of products by N.K.Hurst Company. This is for US Residents only.
 3. To all my wonderful readers, I would like to sponsor a prize for your continuous love and support. It is summer here and won’t it be perfect to share an Ice-cream maker with you all. One lucky winner will get Cuisinart ICE-30BC indulgence 2 Quart Icecream/Sorbet makerThis is for US Residents only. I don’t want to disappoint readers from the rest of the world. If you can ask your friends/relatives in the US to accept the shipment I will be happy to do so. But please do mention while participating. I just bought mine and I absolutely love this product. If you do not have a blog no worries. All you have to do is send me a recipe with legume as the start ingredient and you will be eligible for the lucky draw. 
How a winner will be chosen?
   A winner will be chosen from the random draw. If the winner is a US resident she will get both Hurst Bean prize and Susan’s prize. If not another winner will be chosen from US residents only.
The winner of the ice-cream maker will be chosen from the rest of the participants again through a draw.
Looking forward to see you entries.

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