Weekly Meal Plan – Making everyday cooking easy #4

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  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Salad / Dessert
Monday  Masala Omelette + Orange Juice 
Methi Roti + Yogurt + Pickle & a fruit Phulka + Egg Curry  Mesclun Salad
Tuesday Toast + Blueberry Cucumber smoothie
Lemon Rice + Garlic lemon potatoes Dosa + Carrot & Ginger Chutney Fruit Bowl
Wednesday Coconut Poha + Orange Juice Black beans and Mango Quesadilla Phulka & 15 min Tofu Makhani Beets Salad
Thursday Toast + Blueberry Cucumber smoothie Salmon Pasta (Veg: Cauliflower) + Fruit Idli + Mint & Coconut Chutney Fruit Bowl
Friday Oatmeal + Carrot Orange Smoothie Muli Paneer Paratha + Pickle + Fruit Chappati + Tadka Dhal Chopped Cucumber, Carrots
Saturday Wholewheat buttermilk Blueberry pancake Rice + 15 min Tomato Rasam + Kohlapuri Teekha Aloo + White Pumpkin pachadi Vegetarian Black bean Chili Roasted Vegetable Salad with goat cheese
Sunday Idli + Venkaya kose Butter Chicken + Naan on tawa + Jeera Rice  Phulka + left over Butter Naan Fresh Garden Salad


  Roasted chickpeas with Indian spices

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