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Hola buddies!! How have you been. In the neck of my woods it has been an insanely windy and  chilly week. When I thought winter is almost over, the weather god has  blessed us with another few inches of snow. Through the window I see innumerable  white blobs  gradually descending from the grey sky and the wind is blowing them in all directions. There is no sight of green and the bare trees are covered with a layer of snow waiting for the wind to blow it away. Though I am not so happy about the snow in March it looks and feels magical. Snow has that calming effect on your mind and body.


On Fridays I dedicate some time to plan our meals for the next week. Initially it felt weird sticking to a plan but slowly it helped me to stay organized and buy produce that are required for the week. Hence reducing the wastage. But as the days progressed I was running out of Ideas and then my Mom came here and I almost stopped doing this. But now that I am getting back to my routine, I want to restart the meal planning. I was looking at my recipe repository and I realized that I need some fresh ideas and recipes to add some zing to my everyday cooking. During such crisis, a dozen of cookbook I own helps me but the food blogging community sprinkled all over the world comes to my rescue.  A big hug to all of you.

Okay, now let us have a look at the meal plan of the week. This is a lacto-ovo vegetarian plan and I have reserved meat/fish for Sundays. I just want to be fair with all of you and  hope everyone agrees to it. If you want to receive this weekly meal plan right in your inbox do not forget to subscribe here

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Salad / Dessert
Monday  Toast + Carrot Apple Juice Sprouted Green Gram Fried Rice Easy Sphagetti with Tomato Sauce & Fried Egg Fruit Bowl
Tuesday  Idli + Mint Chutney & a Fruit Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Roasted Tomato Soup Dahi Aloo with Rice or Phulka Spicy Orange Slaw
Wednesday  Cereal + Spinach Cucumber Juice Coconut Pilau Cauliflower Masala Dosa Kachumber Salad
Thursday  Instant Ragi Dosa with Red Chili Chutney & a Fruit Grilled Black Bean Burger Bhindi Bhajji & Phulka Mesclun Salad
Friday  Oatmeal + Fruit Smoothie Egg Curry with Rice/Brown Rice/Quinoa/Phulka
Upma + Tomato Pachadi Green Chickpea Salad with Indian Yogurt Dressing
Saturday  Batata Poha + Freshly squeezed Orange Juice Rice + Menthya Bele Huli (Sambar) + Beans Carrot Thoran Mixed Vegetable Paratha & Dal Fry Shrikhand
Sunday  Strawberry Pancakes Rice + Madras Shrimp Masala & Rose Water Lemonade Dosa + Peanut Chutney Fruit Bowl


Thank You (Recipe Courtesy)

Message to Bloggers

        Without your support it will be rather impossible to write a weekly meal plan post. If you would like to submit your blog to the meal plan blogroll please leave a comment or inbox me at foodfor7stagesoflife(at)gmail(dot)com. Appropriate credits and links will be given, and that is a promise. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Have a great week ahead!!

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