Vegetarian Russian Recipes : A.W.E.D – Russia Roundup

Yields: 1 Serving

How about some Russian Blinis (pancakes) or soup for the Weekend? Do check out these recipes from my friendly and creative food bloggers.  Thank you all for taking time in whipping up these delectable vegetarian Russian dishes. Yes it is all VEGETARIAN.

Thanks DK (Chef in You fame) for letting me host this wonderful event. And sorry for posting this so late, I was so carried away by the blog move and other chores.

[Recipes from top left corner]

  1. Syrniki from Denny
  2. Braised Green Cabbage with onions carrot and poached Eggs from Janet
  3. Russian Tea from Sweatha
  4. Buckwheat Blinis from DK
  5. Russian lenten pokhlebka (soup) from Swathi
  6. Sweet Carrot Pudding from Umm Mymoonah
  7. Pirojkis from Sweet Artichoke
  8. Russian Borscht from Cool Lassie
  9. Baklazhanaya Ikra-Russian Eggplant Caviar from Priya
  10. Mushroom and Potato Soup from Bala
  11. Sbiten from Denny
  12. Draniki – Russian Potato Pancakes from Priya
  13. Blinchiki (Russian pancakes) from Swathi

And yes I have 2 more roundups coming up.

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