My Studio : DIY LIGHTBOX for Food Photography

In this part of the world I get to enjoy four distinct season and I love that. But as we move towards the end of the year, the days get shorter and it gets dark by 5.00 pm.  So why am I bothered about it ? My life doesn’t stop. Does it? No. But it affects my Food Photography. I lose the natural light that is quintessential for food photography. Some of you know that I spend my daytime @ work so I  usually cook  late in the evening. Even in Summer, I don’t get to finish my cooking until 8 or so. So what I want to say is I don’t have “The Natural Light” even in summer to Click-Click

The Husband doesn’t like me sulking. So he decided to help me set up a Studio for my food photography. Yeah I hear you,  he is so sweet. But Vasanth offered this because I helped him to setup his Music Studio in our basement.  Oh boy, we spent more than 1 week to set his studio. It was lots and lots of work. But take it from me, My light box isn’t tough to build.  You don’t even need expensive stuffs or any expertise for that. All I would say, Do it Yourself. This light box works like a charm for me and these are some of the food pictures I clicked in my lightbox.

After Lighbox:

1. Tandoori Chicken

2. Rose Water Lemonade

To understand the difference see the pictures below I clicked before I made this LIGHT BOX. Aren’t they dull?

Before Light Box:

1. Asparagus Usili

2. Moong dhal Halwa

But still I have a soft corner for these pictures I took in “Day Light”. Aren’t they beautiful?

1. Coconut Brigadeiros with a hint of Mango

2. Spring Onion Egg Stir Fry

What you will need to build your own LIGHTBOX?

  1. Huge Carton [24 x 24 x 24 inch] ( Thank god TH bought a Roland Amplifier. It is huge enough to fit 2 toddlers. Yeah Kids treat it as a play thing and crawl into my Lightbox  )
  2. Pairing knife or anything that is sharp enough to cut and easy to handle
  3. Scissors
  4. White Cotton fabric or Muslin cloth (I used my brand new white twin sheet/bedspread) – This should cost than less than $6 even if you buy 3 yards from Joann. The cloth that you purchase will decide how the light is going to diffuse through it and create dramatic pictures.
  5. Measuring Scale or a piece of wood (to draw lines)
  6. 3 work lamp ( We bought this from Ikea) – $8.99 each . I will definitely recommend this because it is easy to move around and you can change the angles for effective lighting.
  7. Pen or Pencil
  8. Cello(phane) tape
  9. 2 Ikea Lack Side Table (Optional)  – $7.99 each or any table in your home where you can fit this lamps and box.
  10. Daylight bulbs (This is must) – 3  (It will be printed as Daylight on the wrapper, ensure that you buy the right one). We bought ROHS 75 Watt Daylight bulbs which uses only  18 Watt (Update: ROHS 18 Watt bulbs that yields the output of 75 Watt)
  11. Clips to hold the backdrop

Our Expense: $16 + $27 = $43

You can always shop for cheaper lamps. TH was happy with these lamps so we bought a little expensive one. Depending on the items you already have the cost will vary and of course it depends where you shopI personally prefer Ikea for those lamps and table because they are super cheap and reliable. You wouldn’t believe I bought a huge wooden chopping board for $10, but that is a different story


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