(Mega) Winner Announcement !!!!!

How have you been my dear friends. I am still terribly busy and waiting this crazy month to come to an end. As promised here is the winner announcement(s). First let us see who won this edition of FF7SL and then lets see who the mega winner is?

Nithu of Nithu’s kitchen wins this edition of FF7SL: Food for Ailments and Old Age. Congratulations Nithu for your contribution and support.

About Nithu:

I started “Nithu’s Kitchen” just like that one day without any pre-planning. Initially, this was started as a venture for sharing the recipes with my friends and sister. My husband helped me to improve my blog with his ideas and I’m proud to say, he is the man behind “Nithu’s Kitchen”. I’m very lucky enough to get a wonderful parents who used to encourage me right from my childhood. Above all, this blogging world earned me so many lovely friends. I’m learning lot of new things from my friends everyday and hope to be with them in this journey forever…

As said earlier I picked up two random winners: they were Cool Lassie of Pan gravy Kadai curry and Sushma Mallya of Authentic food delights. Sushma was the first person to send an entry when I announced FF7SL 7 months ago. Thanks Sushma. And CL has been constantly participating in all the editions and has been flooding my inbox with her wonderful recipes. Thanks CL.

So Sandhya Hariharan(twice), Sadhana/Muskaan, Nisha, Adukalavishesham, PJ, Nithu, Priya, Ruchika, Suma, CL and Sushma were part of this mega raffle.

And now the Mega winner who gets her favorite cook book is……………….. drums rolling….

Priya of Priya’s Easy n Tasty Recipes. Congratulations Priya!!!!! Thank you so much Priya for your constant support and sharing dozens of recipes in all the 7 editions. You rock!!! I asked Priya to choose her favorite cook book as I faced some glitches while ordering BloggerAid book and this is what she chose, won’t you love to have this book?

and as a special token of gift for her continuous support I have added another surprise goody to the package. The gifts are on its way to Paris and I hope you receive them soon.

About Priya:

A simple cook and a novice baker who loves foods and trying to change our usual way of cooking and eating but making out dishes with healthy stuffs..Been born and brought up in a beautiful seashore city my life changed completely once i came to Paris, where i learned more International cuisines..I never need or read a cookbook to cook or bake..To be honest, i won a baking book after entering to this blogsphere..I have a tremendous numbers of traditional recipes to fusion dishes in my blog, i learned from my mom my most of the traditional dishes while many fusion dishes comes from my small mind..I cant be an excellent cook without my husband and my beautiful kids, superb great critics who pulled me to cook up everyday with different dishes, needless to say i learned cooking from my mom who is always my inspiration..

P.S: I am yet to publish the roundup(s), hopefully I get them published with first or second week of June.

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